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“Able to be there when you need us”


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Call (321) 242-7400

The Space Coast's largest air conditioning, installation, and service provider for over 25 years!

Able to Be There Plan

on your yearly cooling and heating costs?

PRACTICALLY DOUBLING the life of your present equipment?

EXTENDING AND EXPANDING on your present warranty?

PRECISION tune-ups and PROFESSIONAL inspections?


Benefits to You

Low price protection

Transferable agreement

Year round peace of mind

Cooler rooms in summer

Warmer rooms in winter

Utility companies encourage

Regular maintenance

Maintaining manufacturer's warranty

Ability to use one of the two Preventive maintenance calls as a service call

Emergency service at standard rate - 365 days a year

Renewable guarantee for up to 5 years

Check Points

Clean and check condenser coil

Check operating pressures

Check starting capabilities

Check safety controls

Check HEPA filters

Check and adjust blower components

Sanitize evaporators

Clean condensate drain

Check for proper temperature difference

Check all electrical connections

Check voltage and amperage on motors

Lubricate all moving parts where necessary

Check thermostat calibration

Preferred customer discount

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Able Air, Inc. , 5075 Industry Drive Melbourne, FL 32940 
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